Sunday, April 29, 2007

Nancy Drew had better get on the case

Almost all of my underwear are missing.
I just can't figure out where they could have gone.
Should I be watching the windows for Bratz dolls escaping from the attic using my panties as parachutes?


Kat said...

I was a such a Nancy-Drew-a-holic when I was a preteen. I read them all. Did you see that the movie is coming out? I think it will ruin it, but I'll probably see it anyway. Just because its Nancy.

I had a panties disappearance crisis once... when i left home for college i realized i only had 3 pairs of underwear... we had 6 kids in the house and the washer was running constantly... i never ran out because the three sad pairs were in constant rotation.

I had to run out and buy a bunch of panties and quick. Because in college, when the frat boys come to serenade your dorm carrying a really big tree branch, its tradition to throw your panties from your window so they can decorate the branch.

So maybe that's where all your panties are going.

You slut ;)

Justine said...

what in the hell are you on about?

and teehee to what kathleen said.