Friday, April 06, 2007

Movies Have I Seen

What an odd title, eh?
But one of the things I have done in the past couple of weeks is go to the movies.
I miss going to the movies - we used to go all the time in Virginia.
One of the advantages is that we would go on base and see them and they were free!
I've seen some bad movies for free, and walked out of some other ones that were a waste of my time.
DN1 and I even went to see the beginning of Chicago one time, just to see one or two songs performed.
Free is nice.
Well, then this little conflict started in Iraq and the money that was being used to pay for these movies so that servicemembers didn't have to was diverted to that little conflict.
We then had to start paying $1.00 to see movies.
Still not a bad deal, right?
So we moved up to New York and now we have to pay even more for movies.
Well, let me rephrase that. Because we're really not paying any more than we used to, and the movie theaters off-base, I mean in "the City" are just as far away as they were from us on Quantico, but we just don't go as much.
Priorities change, I suppose.
I don't know, I can't quite figure it out.
But, when the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie was released - WE HAD TO BE THERE.
I only wish that SN1 and DN1 could have been us because they were there the first time around.
This time we just had SN2 and DN2 - ready for TMNT: The Next Generation.
That's not what it is called, but that is what it felt like. SN2 is soon to be 16, so he remembers the Turtles and watched the cartoons, but DN2 has never seen the movies and doesn't know much about the Turtles except that mommy wants to go see them.
It was a highly entertaining film - kind of like a combination of Final Fantasy (Casey Jones reminded me of Vincent Valentine) and something else that if I had written this post when I meant to I could recall. Oh, I know, Lara "April O'Neil" Croft. That's it.
I had to explain how the turtles became ninja teenagers - DN2 didn't even know!
It was all good anyway - because I really enjoy going to the movies.
And on Wednesday night DN2 and I went over to see Meet the Robinsons.
That was really funny - I enjoyed it.
Sure it wasn't great, but some of the jokes were laugh out loud funny.
and I love to laugh.
Of course in our small town it appears that we are sometimes the only ones in the theatre laughing.
Talk about making me feel like an outsider, because it is an odd feeling -- I mean it's not like we're boisterous or obnoxious, but just laughing out loud at the parts we're supposed to.
Guess that's the drawback of living in a small town, right?
Today I was only supposed to work for a couple of hours but I ended up working for 4. What a drag.
But I did talk to my friend Sheri on the phone, wished her a Happy Easter and then zoomed out the door at 11.
What are my priorities?
Well DN2 is packing for our trip, but I want to go to the movies!
DH is taking the older kids to see Grindhouse - but DN2 and I are going to see....
(wait for it...).....
So that's all for now, folks.
No time to even scarf down a lunch, although it is a perfect (snow) day for my favorite meal -- grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup -- but I've gotta jet!
Showtime is at 2:10 and the movie theatre in town is a 5 minute walk from my house.
And then I have to get to the Devil's Store and buy some more of my favorite candies - with Easter almost over, I won't find these bad boys for another year.
Cadbury favorite.
Happy Easter to all - I'll try to blog over the weekend - oh that's right, because only two of you out there know where I'm going (kudos to Major Knitter, fellow Devil Dog).
And I'll leave you with a picture of an Easter Bunny with taste:


Angelika said...

At least now I know what happened, if the easter bunny can't find my house. I'm sure our commissary will have those eggs on sale on tuesday. Need some more?

Kat said...

Grilled cheese, tomato soup, Will Farrell, mutant turtles, Cadbury mini-eggs--what more can you want int a blog post?

PS: We are TMNT newbies--when they originally came out I was too old for cartoons but didn't yet have kids old enough to watch them. We will have to see the movie and see what its all about.

Caroline said...

You need to get some of those lighted knitting needles so that you can knit at the movies:) Happy Easter