Friday, April 13, 2007

It's Snowing on Friday the 13th

Any significance?
I'm sure there is.
Perhaps it will mean good luck!
Like this little cat:
Speaking of weather, I really need to get out and care for my garden.
But with all this snow, it's kind of difficult (mostly because it's too damn cold, not because it's accumulating).
I do need to put some Shi Shi Dragons out there this year:
Apparently my post is having a Japanese flavor today.
I wonder why.
Hmm...especially since I ate Italian food last night.
I went out to dinner with Sheri and we had a great time!
I'd forgotten how much I missed her - and the sad thing is, she only lives about 15 minutes away.
Lazy friend am I.
Jean was supposed to come too but her husband faked a heart attack and got himself admitted to the hospital.
Honestly, if he's that desperate to keep her to himself (and away from me, obviously) perhaps we just need to plan a couples night out and include him too.
I'll be busy posting some pictures this weekend - tomorrow is my baby boy's birthday. He's changed a lot since this time last year. For one thing he actually made the honor roll.
How amazed am I?
We're trying to find a Wii for his birthday but we're having a wee bit of a problem locating one (tee hee).
Well that's actually a gift from his Titi, but even still, we can't find one here.
At Christmas they were everywhere, now they're not even on the internet.
So if anyone hears any inkling about stores stocking some Wii's, please let me know.
Perhaps this weekend I'll be able to get some writing, knitting, and cleaning done.
I read a review of this movie this morning and it sounds really good - perhaps I can fit that in too - I was thinking DN1 might want to go, but she may have a wee bit of trouble fitting her poor old mam into her life.
I love the weekends, don't you?
Have a great day!

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Micky said...

I never see Friday the 13th as a bad day. My husband sees it as his lucky day.
Hope everything goes well with your plans.