Monday, April 30, 2007

Museums and Ice Cream

So I never did show you my pictures of our trip to the National Museum of the Marine Corps. Just down from the Main Gate at Quantico,
and past the Iwo Jima statue on Route 1, is the National Museum of the Marine Corps.
SN2 and DN2 found their place on the yellow footprints.
DN2 tried lifting a standard pack -- she struggled a bit

And SN2 tried his hand at pull-ups. Yeah, he's really trying hard, can't you tell?

This was well worth the $5. For those concerned about rounds, rest assured this is simulated firing.

Besides, we always observe the Safety Rules when firing.

So many fascinating exhibits to see I just had to stop taking pictures and start looking around. If you ever get a chance you need to go there -- it's well worth the trip. It certainly brought home some of the Marine Corps history for SN2. When you live with the Marine Corps as a child you don't really stop and pay attention to what is happening around you, it was only on this trip that he fully realized what the Marine Corps is and how it can (positively) impact his life.

After the museum where else could we stop but JoJo's Ice Cream!

Yes, right next to Pizza Hut.

Anyone up for meeting at Quantico over the summer?


Justine said...


Kat said...

Count us in!

Jojo's... Ikea... the pool on Quantico... sounds like a vacation to me.

Jennifer said...

Hey! It's Gayle. Hi Gayle. I miss you, too. It looks like a great vacation. Thanks for sharing these pictures. I think DN2 looks great with an Alice Pack