Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Things you can tell just by hearing them #105

How I can tell we chose a brilliant, exceptional work-study student:

I'm in my office working and listening to iTunes (set on shuffle).
In walks the student with her timesheet for me to sign.
She asks, "Oh, are you listening to Neil Young?"
Me, silent with open mouth gaping at her in shock thinking, this child has heard of Neil Young?!?!
She says, "I have his greatest hits CD."
Me, still somewhat in shock, "You do? Now, do you have Live at Massey Hall?"
She says, "No, but I watched that with my boyfriend last weekend. It was great."
Instantly I walked out of my office and said to one of the ladies who I think is awesome (and not just because she openly admits to being a hippie, flower child in the 60s), "You know, there is another great reason why we hired M."
Hippie, Flower Child says, "Why?"
Me, "Because she likes Neil Young!"
Both of us crow over our exceptional, young, impressional, yet oh so brilliant work-study student.
I mean I thought only my kids know about Neil Young.
The man is still out there -- and chicks dig him!!

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