Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Tale of Two Sticks

I'm home feeding the dog, breaking away from where I've been all day.
Where's that?
Hanging out in the hospital ED.
I got a call this morning while I was fixing my favorite breakfast (grilled swiss on rye) and it was my mother telling me she'd fallen down the steps in the basement and that she couldn't get up and the ambulance was on its way.
With my usual sense of urgency (non-existent) I finished my sandwich and left for the hospital 30 minutes later.
That was at 9:45.
It is now 4:45.
I came home to give the dog a pee break and find a new knitting project.
That's important why?
Because I finished the one I went there with this morning.
Yes, I am 95% completed with the handbag from Major Knitter's tutorial.
I honestly didn't plan on finishing it today and I also didn't plan on knitting a strap I thought I would buy a handle at the mall today after I had gone to watch Ratatouille.
Instead I was given seven hours in the Emergency Room, something which affords you plenty of opportunity to work on projects.
And I came prepared with a book, my iPod, and my knitting, but I can't always be as anti-social as I'd like because my cousin was there.
I really like her so I didn't mind talking to her.
And while we talked and waited, I knit.
A regular Madame Defarge.
Anyway they think my mother has a fractured hip and they are admitting her.
So once the dog is given a bit of exercise I'll be heading back over.
Now Angelika, I think this is the perfect time to cast on for the Chevron Scarf, eh?
Pictures and prognosis later.
Pictures of my bag, not my mother's hip.
Yikes - better clarify!


Jennifer said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mother's fall. I hope she'll be OK. Despite the circumstances, it's always nice to have knitting to keep you busy. Best wishes for a quick recovery.

Micky said...

I hope she gets better soon.
But good thinking and good prep work. Can't wait to see pics.
And no, not of her hip. Although, x-rays are cool.
And yea, I'm lucky my kids think all my crafts are cool. But then again, they always want me to make them stuff.

Angelika said...

I guess you had a busy sunday. Either way you got your knitting done and I can't wait to see what your scarf will look like.