Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Helping out the elves

We used to have a cobbler's shop in town.
Many, many years ago.
Now the shop is closed and the elves must have moved on.
This explains why they didn't make it into my kitchen last night to clean the dishes while I slept.
Damn elves.


Purl said...

Our joke is that someone has broken in and cleaned up the kitchen. Why can't they break in more often?

Jennifer said...

Darnit. I hate it when they don't stop by. If they show up, can you send them here afterwards?

Kat said...

They have been really slacking around here. The ants showed up (as they do this time of year) and I was hoping they would deal with the dishes (they did seem quite interested in them) but, alas, no luck on that.

Micky said...

If I see them I will be sure and send them your way.
And by the way, thanks. I was looking through your past posts and saw the one about Xanadu. Now I must go put in that movie and watch it.

Micky said...

No knitting was done while watching it.
I turned off the lights and focused only on it.
And Michael of course!
Oh and I forgot to mention I like watching the Warriors too. But I don't own that one.