Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hangin' at the Carny with the Homies

Carnivals are loads of fun.
I showed pictures of one we went to last year, but we usually go to more than one because they are so much fun.
And kind of like when you think you are a bad parent and then you look at the mothers of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan and know you're not doing such a bad job after all, well that's kind of how I feel when I go to these smaller towns for carnivals. I feel way better about my current place in life.
And my dental hygiene.
And my body size.*
But it's still lots of fun - I love the games and I used to love the rides, but now I mostly go for the food.
There's nothing like carnival food.
Fried dough.
Corn dogs.
Candy apples.
Cotton candy.
Yum, yum, yum.
As much as I love the food it's no wonder I'm much too big and scared to go on some of the rides anymore.
I did go on this with DN2 (she's 8 and fearless).

Only a thin wire, a two dollar clasp and centrifugal force keeping my fat frame from imminent death.
Lots of cool people there.
Dancing Derrick for one.
He has a t-shirt with his name on it. That's how I know.
And lots of cool people in the parking lot.
Such as:And:And say it isn't so!
It's the "My Boyfriend/Son is a Marine" car!!
Fun and games at the carnival.
We went back later for the fireworks and I was so engrossed in watching them (I love fireworks, reminds me of firing the M-60 and I just loved that so much. Damn.).
Anyway, I was standing behind DN2 and she was looking to her left and I was looking in the sky enjoying the mediocre display.
Come to find out she was more interested in watching the fight, still in the verbal stage, of the group of drunks next to us (beer tent action) than in watching the fireworks.
What was DN1's response to my situational awareness?
"Great parenting, Mom."
Damn skippy.
I should win an award.

*I know I'm really not any better than anyone else, I just like to think it. I always think I'm hot shit until I happen to glance at my reflection and then the careful veneer I've applied to my brain instantly cracks and I know that deep down I'm just a white trash girl one paycheck and three cats away from living in the trailer park.


Angelika said...

You are doing a great job, I think, if your boys even tell you. And isn't it funny, that you saw the same "marines" car again?

Purl said...

I love carnivals! My favorite part of the summer used to be visiting the Minnesota State Fair. And you are a terrific mom!

Justine said...

would love to comment...merely a joke.

i couldn't have asked for a better mother.

and you can quote me.