Saturday, June 23, 2007

On a clear day you can see...

Well you can't see forever, but sometimes you can see Canada.
Or Canadian geese.
So we have a beach here.
DH would like to think that it is not the same as going to a beach that abuts the ocean but up here you take what you can get and if a beach on Lake Ontario is all you can get, you shut up and enjoy it.
Personally I like going to the lake, it reminds me of The French Lieutenant's Woman and I would like to go there on some cold, windy day and look out at the waves.
Then the cold weather comes and I don't leave my house.
I did promise DN2 that since we went to the beach on the last day of summer vacation in 2006 that we would close out the school year by going to the beach on the last day of school.
And we did!

DH practiced a bit of running on the beach. It was sunny but boy that wind was whipping that sand around.

During our meal we were serenaded by seagulls. Okay, they weren't really singing they were begging for food but we did not feed them. They did have us surrounded, however, but they were not quite as aggressive as the ducks.

After we ate DN2 was dying to get in the water. Personally I thought it was much too cold, but she was anxious to give it a try. This is a girl who thinks that taking the Polar Bear Plunge sounds like fun. You go girl, I'll be standing at the end of the pier with a faraway look in my eyes and wearing my cape (again, back to The French Lieutenant's Woman -- I just love John Fowles).

So in she went and when we forced her out after ten minutes (it really was quite chilly) she found seaweed in her swimsuit. Now that sounds comfortable, right? It was a good end to a school year, but isn't any last day of school a good one?

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Micky said...

Yes the last days are always best. Maybe mostly because you know you don't have to get up early and get through all that morning traffic for awhile.
And yes this yarn is very fine and cool to work with.