Monday, June 11, 2007

The Barefoot Gardener

Seeing as I almost always garden barefooted, I wish that I were as famous as The Barefoot Contessa.
Alas, I'm not.
But I do garden in my bare feet and I need to stop.
It's becoming so difficult to get the dirt out from under my toenails.
What does everyone say to that?
"Eww, gross."
So I've taken to wearing dark colored nail polish.
Next time you see a picture of my feet (pray to God that this never happens to you), glance down and check them out.
You will see me wearing this color:
OPI Romeo & Joliet.
Love it! (Thanks to DN1.)
Back to my garden.
The Bleeding Heart was actually planted upside down.
How do I know?
Because it is growing, and not from the end that I left sticking out of the ground.
I knew the plants would know what to do.
I not only garden in bare feet, but I'm brilliant at it too.


Jennifer said...

Oooh - gotta love OPI. I always run around barefoot and then have horribly dirty feet. I try to wear my havaianas... but I only remember to slip them on half the time. Oh well. It feels good to be barefoot.

Kat said...

I have the horribly unsafe habit of cutting the grass in barefeet. Which means I tramp around for an hour on freshly cut grass--which then dyes my thick nasty callouses a lovely shade of kelly green. But I have no shame--I go to the pedicurist and have them deal with it. I do tip a little more on the green feet days as a rule.