Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Not necessarily a conventional swap

Nor is it a RAOK.
I asked Kat if she had joined the latest Knit Tea Swap and she said no.
The past few swaps have been rather disappointing to her.
Whereas I was able to swap with, and receive from, some rather extraordinary people, hers have not been nearly as enjoyable.
So I suggested that she and I could have our own swap.
Again, not a RAOK, but rather a swapping of good things (chocolate, yarn, books, chocolate) that we would both enjoy.
And kind of just a nice thing to do, you know, because we did work together for almost 2 years, so we know each other's likes and dislikes.
And even though there will only be the two of us, we still have to name it.
Well I like to name things, or rather think of names that have a deeper meaning (like, you do know what you're getting when you join the Knit Tea Swap), so I suggested "You Don't Know JaK" for a swap name.
Get it?
Julie and Kat = JaK
Funny, eh?
So I've begun thinking about what to get.
I'm still finishing up my great (I hope) swap box for my pal but I'll start on the "You Don't Know JaK" swap as soon as I finish.
Now if only I knew how to make a button.


Purl said...

I've done the same with an online friend from Canada. We've had lots of fun. You and I will have to swap again sometime.

I have had great luck with swaps, too.

Kat said...

I have been brainstorming the gift idea... i'm thinking.... girl scout cookies, girl scout mints, magazines, Longaberger and Pampered Chef .....


I'm hilarious :)