Monday, June 04, 2007

A Boomtown Rats kind of day

I don't like Mondays.
I don't want to shoot them away, but they do really suck.
Fortunately I came home and this was waiting for me:
It's only about the third time I've purchased the CD. And I still have the LP in my attic.
But it's a perfect record and I have to have it.
Plus I got some other books from Barnes and Noble.
This weekend was blissful.
Blissfully hot.
Is there such a thing?
It was damn hot.
Almost unbearable.
But life can be made bearable if you sit in front of a fan with a good book.
(AC would be better, but we don't have any.)
I read The Razor's Edge this weekend based upon a recommendation from SN1.
I loved it.
(Kat you'd really like it - I know Mrs. Dalloway wasn't quite what you were expecting -- keep plugging along -- but I think you might like Maugham's voice better so give it a try.)
It made me want to read more American literature.
So I picked up Faulkner.
No knitting was accomplished.
I do have something to rip out, but I haven't got the nerve yet.
Soon - and I'll have photographic evidence too so that together we'll fix it.
Because I don't have the courage alone to give up a bad project. I keep it and justify the errors.
Ever felt like that?
I was reading someone's blog once and they had almost finished this Norwegian mitten - it was gorgeous!
And then she ripped it out because of something wrong with it.
I've never learned to be heartless about my knitting.
And it's not something of which I'm proud.
DN2 and I went to her favorite place this weekend, and then we went to my new favorite place, Parkleigh Pharmacy.
Had to shop some more for my Knit Tea Swap Pal (Hi Purl!).
Alas I can't show you any pictures because this is an open swap, and she can't know.
So shhh....don't tell her I went shopping and I'm almost done.
I owe her an email answering her question about what I like to knit.
I feel like Jack Benny when he was asked, "Your money or your life."
All I can say is, "I'm thinking...I'm thinking."


Caroline said...

LOL! You're sure stroking my ego about the recipes. I do have to admit though that they were GOOD!

I'm going to read The Razor's Edge this summer for sure. I want to read The Painted Veil before I get the DVD too.

Caroline said...

Oops! I forgot to tell you that I played my REO Speedwagon Time for Me to Flyalbum in college until it nearly disintegrated:)

Lisa said...

I love, love, love Mrs. Dalloway. And I am having fun shopping for you, too. I think I like open swaps--it's been great fun getting to know you at the front end.