Thursday, July 31, 2008

Two of Hearts

Remember that song?
The one by Stacey Q.
Last night DH and I watched the movie 21.
Did you know that my step-cousin was one of the original group from MIT? I have only met him a few times; he is older than me and all my mother ever told me was that he was really brilliant and that he was out in Vegas counting cards or something.
My step-uncle and his wife never really talked about him much, and trust me, Uncle George can talk.
Anyway, he was not represented in the movie, but it was interesting to watch none-the-less; however, all that math really screws me up.
I can't think in numbers.
They are not my friends.
I do like to play blackjack, though.
It is one of the games I'm good at.

You Are the Ace of Hearts

Youthful and playful, you love life and the world.
You have a kind spirit, and you bring happiness to everyone you know. Artistic and bold, you see the world in bright colors. And you certainly aren't afraid to express everything you see and feel. You are sentimental, and your emotions are very deep. You are easily swept away and easily hurt.
A gamble you should take: Blackjack
Your friends would describe you as: Unique
Your enemies would describe you as: Weepy
If you lived in Vegas, you would be: An up and coming chef or fashion designer

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Micky said...

I got the Ace of Clubs

You go at everything in your life full force. You are a natural gambler.
Your life definitely has some extreme highs and lows, but you know how to ride out the low times.

A total adventure seeker, you are never satisfied by what's normal or ordinary.
You like to push limits and shock people. You're dramatic, but a drama queen.

Your life has been a wild ride so far. You have stories that people can barely believe.
And you're probably still young... with a lot of wild rides in front of you.

A gamble you should take: High stakes roulette

Your friends would describe you as: Crazy

Your enemies would describe you as: Demented

If you lived in Vegas, you would be: A high roller

I'd post it but I had to post something else today.