Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Bathing Suit Has Been Getting a Workout This Summer

Too bad that the body inside the suit isn't working out.
No pictures.
We have been super busy.
Well, I have.
My grammar class finished on 3 July (got an A - yea!) and then we had the 4th of July weekend.
We went to the beach, which DH constantly likes to remind me is not a real beach.
Hey, again, we're up north, if the beach abuts a large lake, then it is still a beach.
Then we spent time at Darien Lake and yesterday we went to Seabreeze.
And I was in a bathing suit each time.
No one's eyes were blinded either.
In between times I was helping out at Vacation Bible School the week of the 7th.
But I didn't wear my bathing suit, not even on water day.
I have a picture of the imps in my class but I'll have to post that later - so this is where I will insert a picture.
Here's the picture:

As well as one with DN2 looking like she's having good time:

(For the record, DH took this fuzzy picture. I'm just saying is all...)
It was a lot of fun, but then once VBS ended at noon I had to rush to get to work by 12:30.
So I took off on Friday the 11th and after VBS ended that day we went to the movies to see Journey to the Center of the Earth. I liked it, DN2 liked it, DH liked it, but the critics don't seem to care for it too much. (Let's be honest here; it had Brendan Fraser, how could it be a bad movie?)
Oh well, can't please everyone.
Of course I considered taking my knitting with me, because I have totally lost my mojo, but decided that since the movie is in 3D and I would be wearing those stupid glasses it would not make sense for me to bring it.
And speaking of 3D, I hate those movies.
Want to know why?
Have I already discussed this?
Well I will tell you again.
I can't see in 3D.
Well, that's not true, I can see 3D in real life, but at the movies I don't get the special effects.
Everyone else will be oohing, ahing, and gasping when the 3D part comes at them, and I'll be sitting there thinking, what? Did something just happen?
Kind of irritating and not scary at all.
I wear the glasses and don't get the extra cool stuff so not a lot of fun for me.
Now let me tell you about our Seabreeze experience.
The day was supposed to dawn sunny and hot.
It was sunny for a bit, but then it slowly became cloudy.
And the clouds continued to roll in. They weren't going back out over that big lake and towards Canada like they should have been.
No, they stayed right on top of us.
And then it started to rain.
You should have seen the people scattering and running for cover.
They were lined up under the overhang by the locker rooms, covering their heads with towels, and ducking into the shops.
Now let's consider this.
2,000 people in swimsuits in a water park and they are all afraid of getting rained on.
It was sublimely hilarious, to say the least.
Back to a regular work week now for the first time in 6 weeks.
I think I need a vacation.


Jennifer said...

Heck - I just took Secundogeniture to Six Flags New England and let me tell you - no one's eyes were blinded by the people running around in bathing suits - not to mention two-pieces. I think everyone was just having fun in the sun.

Angelika said...

I went to the beach yesterday and nobody called green peace. That says something for the tollerance of people when it comes to the combination of different suits on different shaped bodies, some of them not always matched to perfection. That's where sunglasses come in. I myself unfortunately have gained a couple of pounds too, since my husband made it back home. :( The rain thing is funny too. Same at the beach, when the tide comes in everybody grabs their belongings and seeks higher ground.