Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This One Is For Jean and Sheri

Last night I went to dinner with my friends Jean and Sheri.
Sorry, no pictures.
We had pasta at the Brook House.
The meal was delicious, as always, and I was with some delicious company.
(And Red does actually greet you at the door; last night as DN2 and I walked in we got a "Hi girls!")
Neither Jean nor Sheri are knitters, but they just lurve to see pictures of knitting on my blog.
That's a joke.
Because they really don't.
But they are faithful readers who take my quiz every Thursday whenever I remember to post it and email me directly about whatever the current topic is.
And it keeps us connected (break out the violins here 'cause I think I'm gonna cry).
You can't beat that, right?
Being connected, not crying.
(And what is it about string music that prompts one to cry? Has anyone ever done a study as to why that happens? Or is it only me?)
Anyway, to please them both I am posting a picture of the project that actually took my knitting mojo:

(And on a side note, can women actually have mojo?
Oh, I guess you can.)
Sorry, it is not a sock, it is a cabled square for the afghans we're creating at work.
There you go, girls, enjoy the view because this one is for you!
(P.S. I actually went back and posted some pictures on this blog post.No it's not pictures of me in a bathing suit. I wouldn't inflect that punishment on you; it is bad enough you have to look at pictures of my sucky knitting skills. These are VBS pictures.)

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