Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chain Reading

I think I am about ready to stop reading for a while.
I have been chain-reading The Mitford Series. I checked out 6 books from the library on Friday and I am almost finished with book number 6.
Perhaps it is time I did something else for a while, like knit (or clean).
I think I am about ready to go back to knitting, though I won't be too involved with it not to be able to find time to read this new book:

It is a comic book (or graphic novel) created by different artists who interpret Tori's songs. Here's Tori's take on the book.
I placed an order with Amazon (yes, and paid state tax) and I can't wait to get it; it should arrive at my house about the same time that DN1 comes back from Poland.
She was interviewed on Polish television the other day. As soon as I can get a video I will put it out here.
She knows I miss her but I know she's having a great time (Prague this weekend), and I always know where to find her (especially at 6:58):

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Purl said...

I love chain reading when you find a great series. (I haven't read Mitford.)

Right now I'm caught up in Half a Yellow Sun--every day I really want to call in sick, so I can finish it.

Prague is on my list of places I really want to see.