Monday, July 28, 2008

Does This Look Like a Bone to You?

DH's dog likes bones.
Well what dog doesn't?
So can anyone tell me why a dog would think a shoe is a bone?
Look at her, barely able to keep herself away from my Dr. Scholl's sandal.

I'm just tempting fate because you know she just wants to latch onto it again.
Here is a better look at the damage she inflicted:

I'm so sad because I bought these on sale at Kaufman's, now Macy's, for $6.00!!!
Yes, that's right, six buck-a-roos.
I won't find another bargain like that anytime soon and I can't figure out whether to throw the pair away or find a cobbler and try to salvage them.
I might just want to get some sandpaper and have a go.

This incident does highlight one thing for me: no wonder the dog begs for people food, all her bones must taste like wood.
It's a damn good thing she doesn't like the taste of yarn.
She leaves that for the cats.

1 comment:

Angelika said...

Try that with a pair of Tommy flip flops and a pair of Scetchers sandals. She's gotten better now and leaves shoes, socks and remotes alone. :)