Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I've Been Sucked In

I held out for as long as I could, but I've been sucked into the abyss known as The Mitford Series.
I knew that people were overwhelmed and overly effusive about Jan Karon's storytelling about the exploits of a small North Carolina town and its Episcopal priest, but I had never picked up the books even though they were always prominently featured in Books-a-Million in Potomac Mills mall.
I had better things to read.
So I moved away from Virginia and our local bookstore doesn't really stock Jan Karon, but even still, three years later, I've been sucked in.
I'm now on Book 4, Out to Canaan.
It started because my friend Flower was talking about finding books for the book club she wants to start.
Flower kept saying, "Oh I just love Jan Karon's books."
I had to confess that I was a literary snob and hadn't read them.
So I jumped in and read book 1 and you know where I am now.
The books are really very pleasant and bucolic, pastoral if you will, and remind me of Miss Read's chronicles of Fairacre. No overt sex, everyone is nice, there is still some strife, but it is usually resolved, so a good read for the summer.
My problem is my self-diagnosed OCD. When I start a series I like to begin on book 1 and then see it through to the end.
I'll let you know when I've finished book 9.
Although I still have to get my hands on books 5-9 because I borrowed books 2-4 from Flower and I don't think she has any more either.
This is where the obsession comes in.
I should just see if the dang library has them.
Off to read some more, and maybe as soon as I am done with this series my knitting mojo will come back.
Pray for me, Father Tim.

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Micky said...

I know that feeling. If I can swing it, I have to have the whole series laying there ready for me to read. And I must read them all.

And if I happen to read one that will be a series, it kills me to have to wait. I've been waiting on the 3rd installment of one for too long now. The author has decided to take his time with this one.

But then I also usually am reading about 4 books at a time. You know a little of this one and a little of that one. Except for Stephen King books. I start those and don't stop till I'm done.

Yea I've written a book. But I haven't left one in a while so just wanted to let you know I still read em, even if I don't have much to say.