Friday, July 18, 2008

Things I Give Up As I Get Older

So much for Diet Coke with caffeine.
I think I have to switch to decaf if I drink it at all.
Lately I have noticed that my heart has been racing, but my BP is normal.
On Wednesday I sat in a meeting and drank a Diet Coke. After a bit I noticed my heart was racing and I finally figured it out -- caffeine.
I'm a non-coffee drinker anyway (it makes me crazy), and it is mostly because of the caffeine.
But I'm a huge tea drinker!
My cupboard is now over-flowing, but the tea doesn't seem to bother me; perhaps I am immune to the caffeine in tea.
So I guess I'll be giving up soda, which in truth I should have given up a long time ago.
Oh well, it is just another product my body attrits from my diet, just like those who can't eat white sugar. You learn to live without it and it is not a big deal really.
I've been avoiding my Summer of Sock(s) projects and trying to get my mojo back by working on a simple garter stitch shawl with Lion Brand Homespun. If anything the boredom of garter stitch will drive me back to my socks, don't you think?
And to make this post more interesting, because lately my life has been uber-boring, here are some pictures I stole from DN1's facebook album. Here she is on her first night in Poland:

And this goes out to you, DN1. My very favorite song by Pink Floyd:


Russ said...

Hi Julie. Russ has felt his heart racing a few times in the last year too, usually after starting the morning with too much coffee. Sounds like the same kind of thing.I can't picture him giving up coffee any time soon tough!

I read almost the entire Mitford series a couple of year ago at my Mon's house. She was surprised that I liked them so well. I'm not sure why, she thought that, but I loved them. I'd even read them again.

Caroline said...

That was me commenting.