Wednesday, July 30, 2008

She Smiles Way Too Much

Before I regale you with yet another example of my extremely high level of intelligence, a version of which will surely be included with my application to Mensa, let me pass on my knitting info.
I'm still working on my garter stitch shawl. Not bored with it yet.
Although I have found a pattern for Chunky Piano Mitts on Ravelry that will work wonderfully with the one skein of Colinette Zanziba yarn I had to buy and then did not know what to do with.
Honestly, one skein?
What was I thinking?
I was thinking about how expensive that one skein was, that's what.
I've cast on the for the Chunky Piano Mitts and that is as far as I have gotten, but in my defense last night I watched The Seventh Seal and since I had to read subtitles I really needed something mindless so I could pay attention.
And here is another story for you.
On Sunday, DN2 and I decided to ride our bikes down to Dollar General to buy some Whales. They're only a dollar there, and I think they actually taste better than Goldfish.
Personal opinion.
Well since our town has some strange/shady people I decided we should lock our bikes while we were in the store. We chained my front wheel to her back wheel and went inside.
We purchased our Whales (and some Iced Animal Crackers) and came back outside ready to head to our next stop, Express Mart for some Icee's.
Hey, no comments about our snacking - we eat healthy - we had fresh corn on the cob for supper.
I went to unlock the combination and it didn't open. I tried it again and it still didn't open. I looked at the numbers and it was at that point I realized I had completely forgotten the combination.
Let me say it again.
I completely forgot the combination.
Our bikes were chained together. (At least they weren't chained around a pole.)
We could not move them.
So DN2 is looking to me and asking, "What do we do?"
I didn't have my cell phone because it was supposed to be a quick trip downtown and then back home, so we had to go find a pay phone.
Do you know they cost 50 cents now?
DH eventually came over from SN2's soccer game and tried the combo but still couldn't get it to open.
We had to load the bikes up into his truck, still chained together, and DN2 and I walked home after going to see the ducks who actually wanted a piece of those Whales themselves.
We didn't offer them any because honestly, ducks don't eat whales, right?
The bikes sat in the driveway until 9:00 that night because I thought if I relaxed my brain I might remember the combination.
No go.
DH eventually got the chain off and Pippa and Rosie were free once again, but it really put a damper on my Sunday.
What is really bad is that I had used that combination lock all through the summer semester while I was taking my grammar class, and then it just vanished out of my head.
I'm such a dimwit.
Here's someone who is not a dimwit.
Check out that girl in the middle of the back row with the big smile.

That is DN1 and her group in Poland.
She'll be back on Saturday.
I know she's anxious to get home so she can start missing Poland.


Micky said...

Oh it happens to me more often than not.
Usually my pin number at the cash register. Once I actually had to call the hubby to get him to tell me. Embarassing.
Or having the cashier stare at me while I am thinking. Do they think that will make you move faster?

We went to the store Sunday and I bought a box of whales. It's a small world, ain't it?

Caroline said...

All I can say is "Awwww" You can remember numbers. I can't remember the names of my students. I usually can remember their names in class, but that's....because I have my seating chart in front of me:)