Friday, June 27, 2008

Mythological Packages

I've been immersed in two things lately: Greek mythology and grammar.
Both through choice but one with a pressing deadline.
My Grammar class ends next Thursday. I just took an exam on Tuesday and I have the final exam next Thursday, and I have to turn in my final paper on that day as well.
I do love my class and the people in it are fantastic. We actually have fun analyzing sentences. Sick, right?
Essentially Grammar has taken over my life.
Ergo, this should explain my lack of posting.
I have been knitting on a sock since last Saturday began the Summer of Socks, but I know I do not knit as fast as everyone else so I'm not even in it for the contest. I'm just digging on the socks.
I should have a picture of that tomorrow.
Today, however, I have a picture of a mythological package that I received last week.
It should have never taken me this long to record officially its awesomeness.
Bad blogger.
This is what I got from Jen as part of the Libris Swap on Ravelry.

Sorry the picture is a little dark. I just put new batteries in my camera about a week ago and they are already dead.
How is that?
I can tell you what you would see in if the picture weren't so dark: some yummy chocolate truffles, Almondina biscuits (I love almonds, they go wonderfully with ambrosia), Jasmine Pearls tea bags (ambrosia), Terry Pratchett's Small Gods, Edith Hamilton's Mythology, a bottle of Nero d'Avola from Sicily (the real nectar of the gods), and knitting needles.
Now, for the piece de resistance: a pattern for the Icarus shawl (how appropriate!) and two skeins of to-die-for lace weight Spectrum yarn from Springwater Fiber Workshop.
I wish this blog allowed the readers to reach out and touch because if you could you would love this yarn.
And the colors...what can I say about the colors (look at that incorrect sentence structure - I used a phrase to begin a declarative sentence and turned it into an interrogative sentence - this grammar thing - I can't stop!).
The colors of this yarn are phenomenal!
Purple and red with light greys and pinks - perfect colors for fall knitting.
I'm so excited to use it and I think now that I've become familiar with socks (I won't say mastered) I'm ready to move on to lace.
Who knows, someday I may knit a sweater.
It does get cold up there on Mount Olympus.

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Purl said...

What a great package! Your pal did a great job with the theme. I need to post a picture of mine--it's been that kind of week.