Sunday, June 15, 2008

What Would You do for WWKIP Day?

As a knitter, what would you do different for Worldwide Knit in Public Day that you wouldn't normally do on any other day?
I like to knit and I like to knit everyday, ergo, if I am in public it is likely that I am going to be knitting.
Since I was not able to join a group and knit together I took my sock on a trip.
We went to the Rochester Museum and Science Center.
First we watched DH and DN2 play with sand and make a dam:

It looked like so much fun that sock asked to be put back in my bag so I could play too.
It was fun.
Smelled heavily of chlorine but it was fun.
And of course the next people that came over after we left totally smashed our wonderful dam.
Damn them.
We went to see some robots and I watched a Donald Duck cartoon and knit on sock some more.
That was great fun, but mostly because I am a HUGE fan of Donald Duck.
He's the best.
Then we went to look at some stars in the planetarium:

Sock was so well-behaved at the show, unlike some young kids who wouldn't stop chatting and fortunately their grandmother took them out (thank goodness) that we decided to brave the rain and drive out for some outstanding bbq at Sticky Lips.
Sock watched me eat some nachos but then she asked to be put away once the ribs arrived:

So while I was not with a sanctioned group knitting in public on Saturday, I truly believe that I made the most of my KIP experience.
Again, and everyday.
Maybe next year.

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