Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Swap Shopping

It's hard to shop for swap packages.
Well, it's difficult for me, because I want to send just the right thing.
And then I second guess myself and think, No, this is not right, and then I head out and buy something different.
You'd think I have money, right?
Over the past few days we've been to two different LYS' that, with today's gas prices, traveling 25 miles to an LYS hardly makes either of these a "local" yarn shop. (I saw $4.25 gas yesterday - YIKES!)
One LYS is Knit 'N Purl in Brighton and unfortunately they are closing their doors on June 20th. Good sales, but sad they're closing.
Then last night DN2 and I headed to A Knitter's Corner in Medina.
Nice place and their store is very organized because it really is not that big, it is a true "corner."
So now I have completed the shopping for two Ravelry swaps - The Black Yarn Swap and the Cuppa Tea Summer Solstice Swap. One more swap to go.
Now all I have to do is get these packaged and in the mail.
The Black Yarn Swap package is going to Beate in Norway and the Summer Solstice Swap is a surprise!
Swaps are fun!

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