Monday, June 16, 2008

Yarny Loveliness (or Yarnly Loviness)

Friday seemed as if it would turn out to be a bad day.
It wasn't the anticipation of being afraid of what Friday the 13th was going to bring, just that my stress quotient is rather high these days.
Some things calmed me down.
Come on along and let me show you.
Friday was our second meeting of the knitting/crochet group.
Our numbers were smaller this time:

That is okay, we anticipated this.
It is the summer and because of that many people are working shorter days so they all cannot get away for an hour at lunchtime.
This group is meant to be here, ready and available for whenever the people can come over.
No pressure, no stress.
What pleased me most was this:

Would you look at all the squares people turned in?!?!
In two weeks time we have received 33 squares, and 49 are required to make an afghan.
And this number is incomplete, because one woman is already on her second skein of yarn.
She asked for the second after going through the first but could not come on Friday, so she still has more squares out.
And I know there are more.
I am so pleased with everyone's efforts.
We can already tell that we have two distinct afghans right now based upon the colors that have been used and they look gorgeous already.
I'm psyched!
And because the Diversity Workshop was cancelled for the afternoon they brought us their cheese and crackers:

People are funny because they just don't realize that all they have to do is call me and I will get them more yarn.
I continue to tell them this and on Friday I actually dropped off some yarn and needles to a woman. I was on my way home, I just rode by her office, she was waiting outside, and we made our transaction.
So Friday the 13th (the work edition) was ending on a high note.
Then I came home to this.
A package from my Summer Solstice swap partner:

What's in the box?
You have to see it to believe it.
So tune in tomorrow and be prepared to be astounded, astonished, and overwhelmed.

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Kat said...

i have some squares i can send -- wha size are you using? :)