Wednesday, April 02, 2008

We'll drive great distances for good pizza

And we'll also drive good distances for great pizza.
Last night SN2 and I took a 16 mile round trip drive to get pizza from a place that he swears "has the best pizza in the world."
The pizza shop is located in an inauspicious location in a town with no traffic light, so you know it is a hole in the wall.
You walk into the store that is celebrating its 30 year anniversary and to the right are two tables where customers can sit and eat their pizza. The other window alcove is stacked with 50 pound bags of flour. There's not a lot of room in a shop that is this narrow, but there are some groceries on the shelves. This town has no grocery store, they have to travel 14 miles roundtrip to hit the grocery store in my town!
But there is definitely a line for pizza.
People know good pizza.
The phone rang 3 times while we were waiting in line with people calling in take-out orders!
You can buy a whole pizza or by the slice, and they have 6 varieties of slices available.
SN2 insisted we had to get the country sweet with chicken.
The pizza is not made with tomato sauce but with some kind of sweet sauce.
It is good, the crust is soft but crusty, the chicken chunks are a good size and I will definitely give it a try again.
Because who wouldn't drive that far for good pizza?

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Purl said...

Mmmm. That pizza is making me drool--it looks fantastic.