Tuesday, April 08, 2008

An Inch an Hour

Sunday evening we sat and ate dinner and watched two movies.
After I had finished eating I picked up my second sock and got to work. I have taken it with me everywhere and knit on it when I can, but having devoted tv time is almost priceless.
I'm also working on another sock so this second sock keeps getting pushed to the side as I go back and forth between projects.
I started working on the leg and I figure that I knit about an inch an hour during the two films that we watched.
(Wash up the dishes? Shouldn't the cobbler's elves be taking care of that later?)The first film we saw was The Seeker, and you know I was prepared to be underwhelmed mostly because it is based on Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising series. It should say loosely based, because this movie contains only portions of what the books has. And even then it is not really clear. On a rating of 1-10 I'd give it a "meh".
Then we watched Into the Wild. It was beautifully filmed but I know I'm getting old because I can't help but wonder why he couldn't find his enlightenment until he was near death and alone.
SN2, however, who is 16 thought it was outstanding, so I guess the theme of wanderlust is alive in our youth and not quite so much in old fogeys.
The music was superb. But it was Eddie Vedder.
Do the math.
And I can totally see how Hal Holbrook was nominated for an Oscar for his role - he was superb.
So I watched and I knit, and I knit and I watched, and imagine my surprise when Monday night I realized that the leg was not supposed to be 9" long, which I kept thinking it was, but 7"!
It is those special moments you have to treasure, because this morning I turned the heel!
I was 5 minutes late to work, but how do you leave a heel right in the middle?
I will bring my sock with me today and continue to work on the foot.
I've got to get it done because I also started another sock yesterday - but it's knit with Lion Brand Thick and Quick on size 13s. I'm already staring the heel in the face.
And loving these socks!!!

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