Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Board Games

When I was commenting on her great new Hogwart's cross stitch piece yesterday, I was telling Micky about a new board game I found.
When DN2 and I were in JoAnn's on Saturday I saw this in the store - it is called Stitch-opoly and it is from DMC.
The board has embroidery stitches and I believe the cards even tell you how to stitch them.
The game pieces are little stitching tools:
It was so unique and I really liked it. I would have bought it but it was $25 and I thought perhaps I would find a 50% off coupon in Sunday's paper. I didn't, so I still have to get out there and somehow get this game.
I don't normally collect Monopoly games, but we do seem to have quite a few -- at least five. It starts as many collections do, not intentionally but once you have more than two, you have a collection. Right?

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Micky said...

Man I really thought I left you a comment for your Bloggiversary.
Shame on me.
Well Happy Belated Bloggiversary then.
I must get that new Monopoly.
I don't even know how many WIPs I have. That's a scary thought, isn't it?