Friday, April 04, 2008

And we all chose a chicken dish

DN2 and I went out to eat with my buddies Jean and Sheri.
With them I'm always guaranteed a "laugh so hard you pee in your pants" time. Sure enough....
Anyway, we met up for dinner at a Chinese restaurant and we sat close to the giant fish tank. If it's over so many gallons is it then called an aquarium? I'll have to find out.
Yeah, I don't really care.
There were big fish but none on our table.
We filled up with fried noodles and duck sauce - or whatever they call those crunchy thingys they give you for free.
The Chinese version of salsa and chips.
I didn't realize how long we were there but when we left I realized we had spent almost 2 1/2 hours in the restaurant. Our waitress probably expected more than an $8 tip.
Well bring some more salsa and chips without us having to ask!
She did, however, bring the oranges at the end.
Here's Sheri enjoying hers:
Work that orange, girl.
No, she doesn't do that professionally.
Just kidding!
And here's Jean. Smile pretty for the camera, Coco:
You can practically read the words in her eyes, "Take the damn picture already, would you before I smack you!"
I almost brought my completed sock along, but I forgot it at the last minute.
We'll just have to get together very soon so we can all take a picture with what should be socks by then (plural, not singular).
We had a great time catching up on what's going on with the people at work and also what my favorite anesthesiologist is doing.
No, that's not gossip, it's called back-briefing.
Do these two faces look like they belong to gossipy women?

Sheri's son is graduating from college this year - exciting times ahead for him.
And now DN1 can stop threatening him at parties by telling him, "If you don't behave I'll tell your mother!"
True story.
Surprisingly enough it usually shuts him up.
He should make a good husband someday.
Oh, and we all got chicken dishes - General Tso, sesame chicken, lemon chicken, and chicken lo mein.
We'll have to go with some beef dishes next time.
But no fish.
We'll leave them in the aquarium/tank.


Purl said...

Sounds like a great time. There is an aquarium here that everyone raves about--I cannot go for dinner because there is a seafood restaurant there.

Caroline said...

Mmmm. Sounds good to me. I would have chosen the chicken too.