Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Did Not Get Lost in Cleveland

I returned to New York but got extremely busy with life - and work - and haven't taken the time to blog.
We went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and it was amazing!!

We ended up buying an annual membership so we can go back whenever we want. Memberships like that definitely do pay for themselves as we would have had to pay $74 for four of us to get in. An annual membership cost $120.
You can see why.
So we all loved it, the museum is right on the waterfront (lovely, grey Lake Erie) and while we were there we actually did see two celebrities.
Bootsy Collins from Parliament-Funkadelic was there and we shouted to him, "We love you Bootsy!" DH and SN2 actually got up close and watched him being interviewed by the Parliament exhibit where two of his outfits are on display.
He certainly is a larger than life figure in an awesome, funky rock and roll way.
And we love that.
Then up by the actual Hall of Fame on the third floor we saw Spencer Davis, founder of his eponymous band.
DN2 was thrilled to see all The Ramones material there - she's a big fan via Guitar Hero (or Rock Band - one of those games).
And SN2 was just completely overcome by the thrill of it all - but I believe he liked The Beatles exhibit best.
I think The Beatles are making a big comeback with this generation.
I loved seeing Duane Allman's guitars and Neil Young's fringe jacket.
The gift shop had framed albums for $110!
I told SN2 that we could go up in the attic and pull out some albums, frame them and save ourselves a lot of money.
It was about a four hour drive to get there but on the way back time flew as we played the rock band game.
Never heard of it?
Well what you do is think of the name of a band. I think you can start it with anyone you want.
Let's say Tori Amos (she pops into my head mostly because I'm listening to American Doll Posse while I'm typing this). Then you take the last letter of the artist/band's name and find another artist or band who starts with that letter.
So - Tori Amos can become The Sugar Hill Gang. Then you have to find a band that begins with "g". First one I think of is The Grateful Dead so now find a band that begins with "d".
Got it? And we ruled that the article "the" doesn't count.
It can be a lot of fun, and it can be even funnier if your 9 year old is throwing out names of bands that you have never even heard of!!
That older brother/sister influence. Although DH doubted me when I threw out Echo and the Bunnymen.
Anyway, it was a great trip - just overnight but long enough to have a great time.
Next time around I'm going to suggest that Kristi meet me in Cleveland we can be two rock chicks hanging out in the rock palace.
But she's much cooler because she drives a Harley.
Now, one more day of work and I'm off for two days.
Another quick trip this time.
Can you guess where we're going?


Micky said...

I am taking it so seriously, that I have decided to abstain from hiring any interns.

Justine said...

Yeah so i would just like to point out to everyone, that my family is following me, merely a week after I have visited each place.

First my broadcast from the Rock and Roll hall of Fame, they followed a week late.

Secondly, I spent last weekend north of Niagara falls. And now what's becoming like clockwork, there they be this weekend. wtf mate.

Justine said...

And Dude!
Where's my credit for giving you all the band name game!!!
Or rather that should be attributed to koz. But still!