Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tales from Toronto

Well, and Niagara Falls too.
It really was a whirlwind trip.
We didn't leave until 10:30 on Friday morning and headed to the Falls.
It was the first time DN2 had been there and SN2 was there as a one year old so he doesn't remember it at all. I don't know why we don't go more often it's very close.

Oh wait, money. And gas prices (at $3.63 a gallon).
Anyway, they were thrilled to see it but didn't really want to spend all day there. It is a fun place and I would like to go back and spend an overnight there but next time I'm bringing my own food. It was $13.49 for a burger at TGIFriday's. And yes, that's Canadian money, but our exchange rate is at par so 13 bucks is 13 bucks.
I really wanted to go on the Maid of the Mist but the website said that the ride doesn't open until the last of the ice melts in Lake Erie.
In April?
I scoffed.
And then we drove across the bridge and looked down at ALL THE ICE IN LAKE ERIE!
I have to type in caps because I was thrilled and appalled at the same time.
Lake Erie certainly is a different lake than Ontario.
So as we looked at the water going over the Falls we could see chunks of ice swirling past and plunging down.
That's when I understood.
Who wants to be on a ride with chunks of ice crashing down onto your head.
I'm slow but it eventually comes.
If you look really, really, really (really) close (and magnify it), you can actually see some of the ice chunks in the water.

Then we headed for Toronto which was a very pleasant drive.
On Friday night we wandered around the center of the city - well, Eaton Centre and Dundas Square - and watched the people on the streets, and just spent some time becoming accustomed to city life. DN2 couldn't believe all the people out peddling things and drumming and dancing, etc.
She asked me, "Are they really allowed to do that?"
We don't see much goings on like that here in our small town on the NY frontier.
I definitely wanted the kids to go up in the CN Tower and after seeing how much we paid, the next time they can go and pay for themselves.
But it was totally worth it.
On our way to the Tower (we walked) we saw a movie or tv show being filmed so like the rubber neckers we are, we stayed and watched for a few minutes.

Then we got to the Tower and waited in line for about 30 minutes, but again, it was worth the wait.
Here we are at the top.

Look, here's a true bird's eye view of Blue Jay stadium.

And then when we went to the glass floor I had to lie down face first to see the view.
It wasn't too scary - probably because it smelled like a dirty gym floor. That was scary.

We also went to the St. Lawrence farmer's market - wonderful, wonderful. I looked all over for pretzel brochen like we used to buy in Germany but they didn't have any. Tell me, how can you be a European bakery if you don't have pretzel brochen? Honestly. But the meats and cheeses and veg - yum, yum, yum.

And we did stop at Ikea.

Ahhh, Ikea. We love your Swedish meatballs, boiled potatoes and lingonberrry sauce! And your inexpensive goodies. Definitely worth the stop. Next time, though, try to have the Lingonberry juice machine working properly. Thanks.

So that's the story of our trip. I did not get a chance to stop at Lettuce Knit, so I pouted about that for a bit but I got over it. I really do have some socks to work on already and a presentation that I'm working on for tomorrow, so I should maximize my time towards my schoolwork.
Next time I will stop for sure.
And perhaps hit the Coats and Clark outlet in Mississauga.
Has anyone been there?
Is it worth the trip?
I'll go up again, because I love Canada and I love Toronto.
I wonder if anyone will hire me so I can live there full time.

P.S. The stories are true. Canadians really are very polite people. Even in the city.


Purl said...

Toronto is at the top of my list of places I want to visit.

Caroline said...

What a great sounding trip. There's an Ikea distribution center about twenty miles from us, but we have to go to Pasadena to get to a real store, I think...and we stay away from Southern California like the plague pretty much.