Tuesday, April 22, 2008

This is the sound of....

...crap yarn leaving my house.
Earlier I had mentioned that we are putting together a knit for charity group at work. Our purpose is twofold: knit for charity but also teach others how to knit.
It actually has three purposes, as my hippie flower child friend wants to have it open as a networking opportunity as well.
Of course we're looking for a hooker too (AKA someone who crochets).
Come on, we're not that kind of a group.
Can you believe that I'll be teaching someone to knit???
It's one thing to teach DN2 - but actual adults?
I'm flabbergasted.
So we've been working out the details of what we'll knit and for whom and my suggestion is that we teach people how to knit squares for an afghan (a la Warm Up America).
What I'm really focusing on is Major Knitter's excellent training that is ingrained in my brain housing group, namely, for your first project find something small and knit it. Don't start off too big, you'll only get discouraged.
She's right, that one is.
We've worked out what our committee will be paying for and what everyone else will bring, but in the meantime Linda, who is helping with this idea, and I have some yarn to donate. This is my first donation:

And you know I have more crap yarn in my house, but some of it I actually use.
This should be fun and hopefully we get a lot of participation.
We'll be donating the finished blanket to the local nursing home which obviously has elderly folks who really tend to get cold. Linda's mother was just there recovering from a stroke and even though she passed away while there she was so thrilled to have a blanket across her lap to keep her warm. Someone had knit it using baby yarn and in pastel colors, but her mother loved it!
I think it is a good cause and it's local, and we want to focus on keeping it local.
Now, onto something less serious.
Here is a picture that shows why you should never get one of your high school friends to "trim" your hair:

A face and bald head only a mother could love.

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Jennifer said...

Awww... geee.. blush. Thanks. I'm thrilled you're doing a WUA blanket project. They're so much fun. I highly recommend the repeat a theme idea. Ask people to knit the same swatch 2-7 times and that will help unify the blanket so it's not so haphazard. I can hardly wait to see some progress.