Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My New Treasured Item

I have to say up front and without any hint of egoism, I have met or have known (or been around) a good number of famous (or infamous) people.
This has happened primarily because of the places I've worked and the people for whom I have worked.
I'm a straphanger of the first order.
In my current job I'm still connected to some well-connected people.
Does it mean much to me?
Honestly, no, because I'm not overly thrilled by much.
Being able to knit socks thrills me.
That should be your indicator.
I've never been much of an autograph hound either.
Just saying "Hey" to someone and having them say "Hey" back is cool for me.
However, there are some people who absolutely thrill me.
They hold a special place in my heart because they are connected to memories of a particular time or place.
And mostly just because what they have to say resonates with me.
So when this came in the mail today from my good friend Julie in Minnesota, I WAS THRILLED!!!
Here's what it is:
And here's the inscription:
Now this is awesome!!
Can you read it?
This is obviously a birthday present from last year, but honestly, this is a perfect present at any time of the year!!
I love Garrison Keillor's books, his tapes, his radio show, and the fact that he is an English major and knows just how much (and yet how little) we contribute to society.
Many, many thanks to Julie who is great for more reasons than just because we share the same first name.

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