Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The trouble with medical dictionaries

The trouble with medical dictionaries is that they are filled with pictures.
At my previous job where I was Chief of Nothing Much in Particular I purchased and used (very rarely) a medical dictionary.
On my last day of work I brought home the dictionary thinking that DN2, who will turn 8 this weekend, might consider a career in medicine. Or even just continue with an emphasis on science, like her older sister.
I presented this medical dictionary to DN2 and she started to look at it right away, finding all the "gross" pictures.
So there I am, sitting on the couch next to her as she is perusing her dictionary, and I'm basking in the obvious scientific bent of my youngest child's mind when she hands me the book and asks, "What's that Mom?"
I answered with a completely straight face and said, "Well now that's a penis. With scabies."
Where did I put those Nancy Drew books?


Teaandcakes said...

OMG that's brilliant. Gotta love kids. Fair play to you for keeping a straight face.

KnittyOtter said...


Better she find out now.

"Honey, Boys are gross."


Kat said...

Penis. Scabies. In the same thought. From an 8-year-old. Classic.