Thursday, October 19, 2006


Yes, that is (sort of) the title of a Tori Amos song (she's a little less excitable).
And yes, that is the sound I made when I arrived home and opened this:

(I have the best Knit Tea Swap partner ever - I may find it necessary to reiterate this throughout the blog.)

Aiiiiieeeee!!! And here is the sound of me gasping for air as I'm looking over all these luscious goodies!!! You know, I consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable about tea and tea by-products (such as cookies), but I have never, ever had a chocolate bar infused with Earl Grey tea. Until now. Oh that treat will be mine and no one else's.
Here's a conversation that took place as DN2 and I were setting out all the goodies and looking them over.

DN2: Wow! She sent you candy!
Me: Yeah, I see.
DN2: I'm stealing that from you.
Me: No you're not.


DN2: Can I open your bag of candy now?
Me: No.

(I'm so selfish)

Even later....

Me: Hey, DN2, want to have some candy?

(I can't always be selfish)

No actually, I want to just look at all this stuff! It is awesome, amazing, splendiferous and superb!

Before I show off the goodies individually, let's give the big shout out to the individual who sent them to me:

Knitty Otter! Head over to the blog. I am shamed by the level of knitting ability that has been achieved in six months. And friendly? Oh yeah. And a good shopper? Oh yeah, check it out.
Here is the most amazing tea tumbler - it brews your loose tea - On The Go! And some of you may notice that the house on the cover of America's Best Tea Room Recipes looks (almost) like my house. Sweet. And Zhena's Gypsy Tea in Raspberry Earl Grey. Let me drink a cuppa and I may be over to tell you your fortune.
Lorna's Laces. Enough said.And a funky blue tape measure. I love it. Must find something to measure (and not my waist, hips or ass).
Here's the goodies that you eat - no, I will eat. Chocolate. Cookies. Pocky's. We love Pocky's. We used to buy these all the time in Japan and I haven't had them in a long time. Except these Pocky's are from France. Cool. I love the French. I could live in France. I could live with the fruit and veg stand guy I saw in Strasbourg. But I'll save that topic for another blog entry. DN2 tried to grab these Pocky's off of me as well. You know what I said to her?

"Back off girl."

And I could smell something good coming from the package even before I opened it and it was this tea. The loose tea comes from Belle's Tea Cottage in Reno and Knitty Otter sent me some Lady Grey (which I love - thanks!) and Christmas Tea (which I may drink tomorrow). And some tea bags, which I may have to take to my new job.

Whoops. More about that tomorrow.

For now, a humongous thank you goes out to Knitty Otter who sent the best Knit Tea Swap package ever! Mwah!


Justine said...

Boo for you not calling me to tell me what you got...i had to find out from your blog :(.

oh well


KnittyOtter said...

YAY!! I'm so glad you like everything.

You have very much been a fun swap partner. :D