Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hilarious endings

So Friday was my last day at my previous job.
It was hard to leave (but obviously not that hard, because I did it).
I went to work on Friday morning anxious to finish up things lest something be left undone and my overworked coworker Sheri would have to pick up the pieces. Even now I'm sure there is something that she has to do because my stupid butt didn't finish it.
Sorry girlfriend!
Anyway, I come in and set my things down at my desk and what do I see? Photos of a certain person plastered all over my desk (and I mean everywhere - even underneath the desk, in my drawers, and in bags under my desk). Photos of every size - well none bigger than 8 1/2" x 11", but you get the idea.
But wait, it gets better.
And before I mention how much it gets better, let me just explain why this doctor's picture would be everywhere.
The person whom I supported would attend several standing meetings with a particular doctor, and for the sake of privacy let's call him Dr. Washington (definitely not his real name).
Of course when he became aware of my mad administrative skills, stunning good looks (ha!), and awesome shoes (too right), every meeting he attended with my boss he insisted that I be there to take minutes. Because of course I can offer so much to the field of medicine.
Okay, maybe I was just the bitch responsible for minutes, but humor me, I still think it was my shoes he wanted to look at (and of course in most of my shoes I stand at 6 feet, or just shy of that, towering a good six inches over this doctor).
So of course I began attending these early morning meetings and then would come back and regale my coworkers with stories about this doctor. Like how his hair would stand up and you'd want to fluff it - remember that one? (For the record, no one else wanted to fluff his hair - they would usually shudder when we'd discuss things like that, but honestly, these meetings can be tedious at times so you have to think about something.)
Anyway, for my last day, Jean and Sheri thought they would be funny and place pictures of Dr. Washington all over my desk. But they didn't stop with the desk.
No, there was one on the printer. Then I left my desk to use the copier and came back and what was the wallpaper? His picture.
I was in tears of laughter most of the day. And so were everyone else.
I have it on good record that one of the culprits almost peed in her pants because she thought what she was doing was so hilarious.
Yeah, okay, I'll give you that - it certainly was a hilarious ending to my previous job. A prank that will go down in the annals of history.
And look what you're left with now, girls. The wheels are turning on that bus, aren't they?
So yesterday (four days after I ended that job) I was unpacking things from my box.
DH grabs my hand lotion from my box, and this is the one I had kept on my desk. He opens it to use it and asks me, "What the hell is this?"
This is what the hell it is:

You know what he said?
"That is the funniest thing I have ever seen."
I have to agree. On Friday when I was sitting there talking to KayBee and I grabbed my hand lotion, once I looked inside I immediately threw it down and died in a fit of laughter.
Now I can understand why my culprits had their bladder control problem.
So at home with DH, I then pulled out the piece de resistance - the framed picture.
Yes, I received a framed picture of Dr. Washington in my gift box, and the frame is inscribed with the word - Unforgettable.
I can only hope that the people at my current job are as much fun as the ones at my former employ.

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Penny said...

you can tell I was chief peon. I don't get a blog mention or even a cool nickname.