Sunday, October 01, 2006

This is scary

My youngest son has friends who are licensed to drive.


Caroline said...

Even scarrier for me because I have a teen daughter who I fear will soon start thinking that she can get rides from those young maniacs:)
I'm glad I found your blog. You may be a kindred spirit; there aren't many people who are truly cultured enough to like both The Ghost and Mr. Chicken and The Secret of Roan Inish! Ha! Ha! They really are two of my favorites as well.

Justine said...

personally i think the worst part is wondering if the current driver was the one to put the massive dent on the side of the car...thats what would bother me about a kid driving my younger brother around...who says it won't happen again...tsk these days

Angelika said...

I had a car like this, it was giving me problems as soon as the warranty ran out, but this one didn't get to look the way it does because of regular use. WOW.