Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Movie Watching

This weekend I felt much better with regards to my health.
A sock that I had screwed up, and couldn't figure out how to fix, and one in which I just couldn't bear to contemplate while I was feeling sick, was finished.
Not necessarily matching with the other sock, but hey, done is done.
It's not like I'll be submitting them to the County Fair for judging.
It was nice, finally, to start feeling better.
I think I still have a ways to go, but like I said, feeling half-way human is a good thing.
So while my knitting progressed (ever so slightly), so did my movie watching, and man, did I watch some seriously varied movies this weekend.
First up:

Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries. Still good stuff. The scenery is great, the outfits are even better, and Miss Fisher (Phryne, because I'm nasty) is pretty forward-thinking for her time in history (late 1920's).
If you can get this on Acorn TV (remember, free trial!), I suggest you watch it before its gone next month. Even though the show vaguely resembles the books, it is still very good entertainment.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. I've had this movie out for about a week. I've been meaning to watch it, but since I knew it was a cerebral film, and since I couldn't really concentrate, I knew that it would be just too hard for me to watch (hence the aforementioned murder mysteries). I'm glad I waited until I was compos mentis because I really, really enjoyed this film. Gary Oldman was fabulous, and Colin Firth (oh yeah, baby) was every bit as hot as he always is, but he was given a run for his good-looking money by Mark Strong. Yum. Oh, wait, the film, oh yeah. It almost made you miss the days of the Cold War when we knew who our enemies were, but still had to ferret them out. It was definitely more cloak and dagger over large-scale killings like we have today. Kind of sad that I miss the old days, but I think you know what I mean. And if you don't, then send me an email. Anyway, Gary Oldman was fabulous - oh wait, I said that - but he was so nebbishy, and he gave such a restrained performance that you can believe that most of the spying taking place during the Cold War really was accomplished by mid-level bureaucrats. I highly recommend this movie, but due to the sometimes hard to understand accents spoken in hushed tones, use the subtitles. This way you'll be sure not to miss anything. I think I want to see it again.

Madea's Witness Protection. It's Madea. We watch these movies to see how Madea is going to react. And she rarely disappoints - whether it's in threatening kids to get in line, or butchering the English language, she's very entertaining. It's kind of a shame that Tyler Perry keeps trying to insert some kind of storyline into his films. All-in-all, however, this really wasn't as bad as some of his other movies that I've seen, and Denise Richards gave a very restrained performance and professional performance (made me forget about her stinky reality show, and remember why we all liked her so much in Starship Troopers).

Texas Chainsaw Massacre. No. Really. I went to see this. Sure, it was at our small, local theatre, and there were only eight of us in the theatre (that includes the four of us from my family), so you know that we didn't pay a fortune for a gross comedy. That's what it was. Kind of funny, lots of stupid, and even more gross. I'm shocked that I went too. Don't judge me. At least I didn't pay $11 per ticket. And we left with a couple of good quotes. ("Do your thing, cuz!")

Arthur Christmas. After Leatherface, I needed something to clean my brain. This was about as clean as you could get - almost Care Bear clean. It was such a cute movie - it almost made me tear up at the end. Well, truthfully, it did make me tear up. Very cute, nice story, and you've gotta love a movie about an underdog (that would be Arthur, son of Santa).

Did you watch any movies this weekend?

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