Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Catching Up

I have a confession.
I've never watched any more than two episodes of "Downton Abbey" until yesterday evening when I watched the first episode of season three.
Was it difficult to know what was going on?
Not particularly, but it did make me want to go back and finish watching the first two seasons.
I had thought that I would over our winter shutdown, but I got wrapped up in other TV, and didn't get around to watching Downton.
(I do know, however, that I don't like Lady Mary, and I do like the exchanges between Shirley Maclaine and any Brit within firing range, most especially Maggie Smith.)
Or Doc Martin - I've left off where my husband and I stopped watching before he went on vacation.
It seemed like a show that we were watching together, and since it's a progressive script, I didn't want to get too far ahead.
(If anyone's interested, we've left off on the wedding episode.)
Perhaps we'll get a blizzard, or hubby and I will seriously consider early retirement in South America (where every Thursday from 10 am until mid-day the needlework group meets - no Red Hat society for me, though, count me out) and then it will be Netflix all day, all the time.
I still have to catch up with my knitting for the Mystery KAL, but I know that I've got all week to do that, and as Jennifer said, it's too hard to watch and pay attention to the pattern, so it's easier to just sit and watch (that's totally paraphrasing what she said, but you get the drift).
Something else I need to catch up on is a new yarn company.
Perhaps some of you have heard of it, but it's new to me.
Willow Yarns.
I just received a catalog in the mail today.
They seem to be reasonably priced, and the yarns are nice enough and mostly natural fibers.
I looked on Ravelry and there's only one yarn listed, and no projects yet.
Is it really this brand new?
Their fingering weight yarn, Stream, is only $4.99 a ball, and is made of wool and silk.

Should we consider this a serious rival to KnitPicks?
I think so.
And to close this out with a laugh, check out this Tumblr account - Edith with Googly Eyes.
Too funny.
We are amused.

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Caroline said...

I don't want to add to your TV serves angst, but you need to watch "Call the Midwife" too. I watched the entire series during Christmas. It cost me 1.95 an episode, but it was well worth it. LOL