Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Perfect Pitch

Of all the movies I've seen over the holidays, and I watched quite a few, one of my favorites was Pitch Perfect.
Have you seen it?
I actually watched it almost to the end on Christmas Day, and then finally the entire way through the next day.
The singing is out of this world.
Here's a scene:

A cappella is so hot right now.
What really cracked me up about the film though is that it never tries to insert any kind of reality into an academic year.
First, these students are all, well, students.
No stressing about midterms, finals, papers, exams.
The academic year (both semesters) flies by with remarkable speed.
Where's their advisor? This is a campus club - shouldn't they have an advisor?
They have so much autonomy too - they're even renting buses!
Also, there's a lot of drinking taking place on campus.
That would (should) never happen.
So if you work in higher education, suspend disbelief.
Watch it for the incredible singing.
And Rebel Wilson. She's amazing.

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