Monday, January 07, 2013

Ain't Too Sick to Knit! But, Yes I Am.

I caught a cold.
Bad luck, but not surprising.
It's that time of the year, and I'm only thankful that it's not the flu.
Didn't get a flu shot either, so who knows, that could be coming too.
Anyway, I had to drive to NYC on Friday to pick up my erstwhile travelers.
Not too taxing a drive, it's about 6 hours, but while I always say that I talk like a trucker, in actuality I could never be a trucker because driving makes me sleepy. Not a safe combination, eh?
My travelers left this:

And now they're back in the snow.
Hubby ended up driving back almost the entire trip on Saturday because I slept most of the way.
I was feeling so sick that I could barely stay awake.
Stupid cold.
Anyway, baby girl was so happy to be home, but I think she had a good time:

She came back nice and tan.
And of course is probably irritated by me already.
You've gotta love a good mother/daughter relationship.
So the crux of me having a cold means that yesterday, Sunday, I didn't do two things.
One, I never made it to church. I took some nighttime medicine at 9:00 and fell asleep again for close to three hours. Very restorative.
Two, I couldn't knit. The most I could do yesterday was rip out about 10-15 rows on a sock and then make sure that all the stitches were back on the needles. After that, I just couldn't even function.
I did do something else, an ugly necessity.
I had to go buy a new washing machine.
Something that was not budgeted for, but thank you, Lowe's for your 10% military discount.
Now we have a nifty new washer, plus a nice chunk of money to pay to Lowe's.
Is it terrible that one of my considerations when buying a washer was to make sure that I could use it to felt my knitting, if necessary? Seriously, I haven't felted anything in a few years, so why this was a concern I'll never know.
Once hubby and son got the washer installed, and once I cleaned up the water dripping down from the ceiling where a pipe wasn't fastened, I was beat.
I fell asleep by 8:30 last night which means I did not watch Downton Abbey, I did not start my knitting (although I did wind my yarn finally), and I am already behind on my Mystery KAL.
Here's hoping that I get a little better day by day, and my desire to knit comes back.
Stupid cold.

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Caroline said...

Poor girl! Russ has had a cold for like two weeks, and I've been very unsympathetic, like yelling at him to go take some medicine when he has a coughing fit. So, of course, my throat is getting a little scratchy today. Hope you're feeling better soon!