Monday, March 30, 2009

Reading Roundup - Week 13

This morning I walked out of the house and looked at the sky in disbelief.
It was snowing!
What happened?
This weekend I wore sandals and no socks (I love no-sock weather), and today I needed my winter coat, hat and scarf.
I hope the only white I'm seeing on Easter is the color of my new Jordana Paige bag.
The longer days make working in the evening much more palatable for me.
I don't feel the need to crawl into bed at 7:00 pm in order to keep warm, and of course the natural light is much better too.
Go figure, the sun is up longer.
I've been working on a sock, still the same one.
My knitting baffles me at times, and I'm so slow, and so easily distracted.
I'm getting there though, because yesterday I actually had the courage to rip it all out when I found I had made a mistake.
Ballsy move, right.
I also found time to read this week - Three books!
Homicide in Hardcover (29), The Young Unicorns (30), and Troubling a Star (31).
Homicide in Hardcover was actually a very well written first novel. It lacked the "all that and a bag of chips cuteness" many authors feel they need to include in their protagonist's personality before becoming comfortable with their creation. I've read mixed reviews, but I have to say that I've read some really crappy first novels, and this is not one of them.
I did read two Madeleine L'Engle books, and I have to admit that I'm almost to the point of being burnt out on her books. Not that I don't enjoy them, but because I've taken such a big gulp and swallowed so many all at once. What's helpful is I am really becoming able to analyze her writing style and see where she's going with the dramatic arc, yet I'm still able to feel the tension she builds into her words.
I'm really enjoying this opportunity to read, er...research books for my independent study in the fall.
I told my friend the other day I was taking that class this fall, and she asked me what I would be studying.
"Young adult fantasy," I told her.
Then she asked, "Isn't that just an excuse for you to read all semester?"
Ah, she knows me too well.

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