Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Eyes Have it

DN2 and I went to have our eyes checked today.
Of course they dilated our pupils.
Here we are almost five hours later and I'm still having trouble seeing.
She's not having any problems at all, but that could be her 20/20 vision.
I have terrible vision, which fortunately is not getting any worse, so I can't see far away right now, nor can I see up close.
My oldest son said I look like I'm stoned because my pupils are huge and my lids are droopy.
When we were driving around earlier, all of the street lights and stop lights looked like fireworks to me.
Seriously, dude.
It was WILD.
Well I can't focus on reading, I really can't focus on knitting, and I'm even having trouble with the typing.
I'm spending my time right now watching a bad movie, which, with regards to the whole vision thing, I suppose it is a good thing I can't see right now.
Perhaps tomorrow I'll be better.
I hope so.
We're having a pizza party for DH's soccer team.
That should be loud, don't you think?

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