Friday, March 20, 2009

Another Chance at Knitting

I've been working on this sock, a K2 P2 rib.
I'm not really thrilled with it.
Of course, you couldn't tell that by the three months it's taken me to get to the heel on the first sock.
No, correct that, the heel flap.
Yes, the first sock.
Can you imagine how frustrated I feel as I watch other knitters whip out sock after sock after sock, and I'm left ignoring my unfortunate project and feeling guilty about doing so.
I've decided to take a page out of Major Knitter's book, er, blog and knit just a regular sock.
Just - a - regular - sock.
Nothing fancy, no ribbing other than at the top, just a stockinette sock.
And you know what?
My knitting mojo wasn't lost, it was just masked by a bad project.
So I'm back to a beginner's project, and I'm okay with that.

(This is not my sock, this is from the pattern. My sock is cranberry red. Remember, I'm all out of season, what with the cinnamon candles and all.)

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Jennifer said...

The trick to knitting socks is to always knit them. You can do it. Think of how warm your tootsies will be next year when it start to get cold again.