Thursday, March 05, 2009

Various Shades of Blue

I hate to repeat myself, but I will, and I'm going to talk about Pandora again.
It keeps me company at work, and I enjoy it.
Lately, I've been listening to a lot of the Indigo Girls .
Well, I really like their music, and DN1 and I used to harmonize along with them.
Secret revealed?
I used to think we could be the next Naomi and Wynonna, but that hasn't happened.
For the record, I'm not that good of a singer, I just like to sing.
I've got an Indigo Girls radio station on Pandora - and of all the Pandora stations I have, this is by far my favorite.
(Maybe someday we can all reveal our Pandora stations to each other, what do you think?)
I've discovered a lot of new music on this station - bands and artists that have been around for a while (The Waifs, Vienna Teng, Brandi Carlile, Ani DiFranco, Matt Nathanson), but that I'm just now discovering.
It's very enlightening.
So when I took the quiz about "What Girl Group Should You Be In?", I was pleasantly surprised, but pleased too:

You Should Be In the Indigo Girls

Your all about expressing yourself through music
Lyrics are your poetry - think Sylvia Plath meets guitar

They're coming to UB next month, but I don't have tickets.
I wonder if there are any left.
Tell me, what girl group should you be in?
Satisfy my curiosity, and maybe I'll write you a song and you can sing along.

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