Saturday, March 21, 2009

Seasonal Feelings

For the record, when I talk about being "out of season" this is the song that goes through my head every time I say that phrase.
It's the REO Speedwagon song Out of Season off of the High Infidelity album.
Since the embed is disabled, you'll have to head over to check out the video yourself (click on the song title link).
Man, does this song take me back to spring 1981.
And since I know we all love our REO Speedwagon, seriously, who doesn't, here's a song for you from 1978:

Don't you miss The Midnight Special?
I remember back when I was 15 hanging out at some guy's apartment with some friends waiting to watch Linda Ronstadt on The Midnight Special.
Ah, those were the days.
Now I'm heading upstairs to do laundry and knit a sock.
How far the mighty have fallen.


Jennifer said...

Midnight? Who can stay up until Midnight?


Those were the days...

Caroline said...

(LOL) I remember borrowing my friend Linda's REO Speedwagon's record, so I could play "Time for Me to Fly" over and over and over again...I still listen to it every once in a while.

I'm with Jennifer. Midnight??? .Only if I can sleep in until nine the next day...wait a minute. I never can do that.

Nancy said...

OMG I loved the Midnight Special! I always stayed up to see who was on. Dear Wolfman Jack how I miss him.