Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Blogiversaries and dreams of lives past

So yesterday was my three year blogiversary.
Did I post?
Did I plan to?
Did I also plan on falling asleep on the floor while watching NCIS?
Um, the answer to that would be no.
The answer would also be a question: when will this iron supplement finally kick in and keep me from feeling so drained all the time.
Of course I was able to fall asleep again later, never a problem, and I had the strangest dream.
I talked about it with one of my co-workers today, Lou, who happens to be Jewish.
In my dream I had to find some kind of leg braces so people could wear them while sitting shiva, and the braces would force them to sit up straight.
Lou and I talked about what happens when people mourn and sit shiva, and that was good info and all, but it still didn't explain why I had a dream about it.
He said, "Well, it must be coming from one of your past lives when you were a Jew."
I think he's right, and this is coming from a guy who enjoys accounting and budgets, so you do the math about what his sense of humor might be.
I've always thought that I was Jewish in one of my previous lives, or it's possible that I'm experiencing repressed memories from one of my converso ancestors, but with regards to this life, here I am, three years later, still blogging, and with not much to say.
Thanks to all who have been hanging around, and for accepting, and appreciating, my quirkiness.


Jennifer said...

Happy Blogiversary! Three years already? How did that happen?

: )

KnittingReader said...

I love your blog! Keep posting away!

Caroline said...

Happy Blogiversary! I love your quirkiness