Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Acclimation and perspective

Collectively, we've spent the last five months covered in layers of clothing in an attempt to keep warm.
Speaking for myself, it hasn't always worked.
Spring is just around the corner, and even though it isn't here yet, people in my town are celebrating the warm weather.
We hit almost 60 degrees today, and when that happens everyone moves outside.
This means, when the sun comes out the clothes come off.
Some people wouldn't think 60 degrees is warm enough to wander around in shorts.
Those people who think that live in Florida, I'm sure.
In New York, we're acclimatized to colder weather, so to us, 60 degrees is like 85 to someone used to a warmer climate.
It starts when we're young.
I know this, because if you drove around my town in April, when honestly it's really not all that warm, there are students sunbathing on the roofs of houses and in their front yards.
Today the kids who have remained behind during spring break were in their yards playing beer pong.
From a young age, northern children develop a proper perspective on weather. They know that the sun won't last that long, so they have to enjoy every moment it is in the sky and radiating warmth.
Unfortunately, our nights are still pretty damned chilly.


Russ said...

(LOL) I remember laying out one afternoon inl ate March when I was in college in Nebraska. It snowed that night!

Caroline said...

"Russ" was me. I didn't noticed that he was logged on.