Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Visions of the Future

On Sunday, we drove SN2 and two of his friends to the town/city where their future college is located.
It was my first time in the town in almost 30 years, and when I went there throughout high school all I was doing was watching wrestling, so my memory of the place is not reliable.
Another story, another time....
As we drove the 45 miles to the campus, it was fun listening to the three 17 year olds talk about their future plans.
They sounded so innocent and naive, and it was really fun to listen to them talk about how they are going to live for the next two years.
They do have a clear idea of how cool it is going to be for them to move away from home and live on Ramen noodles and mac and cheese.
Silly, sweet, naive boys.
Since it is a community college, and of course they will not be commuting, our real purpose was to see what is available in the area.
They have a dorm on campus, and it is expensive, but it is as close to the campus as they can possibly get.
These boys, however, don't want to be bound by rules.
They'll learn.
We will continue to look for places, although I'm voting for the dorm.
I think his friends want some more freedom.
And SN2 doesn't really care, he is just ready to move on to the next chapter in his life.
What I know is that it won't be cheap as SN2 heads off on his collegiate journey in September.
The irony of college costs may be that the ones staying here on the home front may also be living on the same diet as the young collegians.
Ramen noodles and frozen vegies?
Bring it on.

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