Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thursday Quiz - What type of soap do you use?

Here it is, Thursday again.
Only two more work days to slog through and then we'll be at the weekend.
I can't wait, for more reasons than one.
Why? you ask.
I'll tell you.
This is what I got in the mail yesterday from Netflix:

Yes, it is what you think it is.
Well, not all of it, but I did get Season One, Disc One of Knots Landing.
I should be getting Disc Two tomorrow (there are five discs altogether).
Did you ever watch this show?
I did, and I think I really started watching it when we lived in Okinawa, where back then we had one American tv station and you watched what came on.
When you're held captive like that, you watch a lot of shows that you probably wouldn't normally watch, just to be watching tv.
Sad, but true.
And I think that's how I got involved in Knots Landing, the later years.
I bought some new yarn at AC Moore the other day, some for charity, and some to make SN1 a hat and scarf (Bernat Satin - acrylic and easy to wash).
The scarf is cabled, but it is a very simple cable, and it was a free pattern on the label (and on their website - requires free account to access patterns).
With an easy pattern to follow, I know I can focus my attention on what is going on in the cul-de-sac with Gary and Val.
Did you realize this show lasted for 14 seasons?
In honor of Knots Landing, the quiz for today is a Soap Opera Name Generator.
I'm pleased with mine:

Your Soap Opera Name Generator is:
Pipa Howard

For the record, my maiden name was Pipa Worthington.
With a name like that, I really think I would have hyphenated.
Say it with me - Pipa Worthington-Howard.
Daddy has money, I bet, but I must be in hiding or something, what do you think?
If you want to find out your soap opera name, go to
Now, I wonder which house Pipa would be living in.
Must watch and wonder.

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