Friday, February 06, 2009


See that word?
The one up above.
Yeah, that one.
Isn't that an awesome word?
Have you ever seen it before?
I never have - it's totally new to me.
It came into my email inbox via an ad for a local private school.
Guess you can tell who had the public school education since there was no thaumaturgy involved in a certain person's high school education (that would be me).
Want to know what means?
The act of performing miracles; specifically magic.

I keep wanting to spell it differently, like with "therm-" instead of "thaum-".
I'll have to get over that if I want to add this word to my vocabulary.
Anyway, it's Friday, and hopefully I'm off to see a free French movie tonight on campus.
If I go, I'll blog about it tomorrow.
No frogging or finishing for me this week.
I'm still trying to work out things from before.
It's hard when all the knitting you do is on the weekends.
I wish I had time during the week to knit, but it's so darn cold all I want to do is get into bed and sleep.
Well I am anemic, remember?
For now I'll leave you with a fun Meme that I stole from Wendy.
No hard words in here.
Your Name - Julie
Four letter word - jive
Boy name - Javier
Girl name - Jamie
Occupation - janitor
Color - jade green
Beverage - juice
Something found in a bathroom - Jacuzzi
A Place - Joliet, IL
Reason for being late - jacked car (or carjacking - whichever you prefer)
Food - Jujubees (this is a candy, that is considered food, right?)
Something you shout - Jackass!

"J" is a cool letter, but not a very relevant one in our lexicon.

P.S. I wish that I had known the word thaumaturgy earlier in the week, so that when I went out to dinner with Sheri and Jean we could have talked about it. What fun that could have been!

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